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Born in 1928 in Leningrad (presently St. Petersburg).
In spite of his advanced years, Mark Kremer is full of energy and actively involved in work.
He graduated from Vera Mukhina High School of Art and Design in 1952 with honors and has been a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (now Union of Artists of Russia) since 1956.
Kremer was raised in a very artistic environment and significantly influenced by his father, late Veniamin Kremer (1899 1978). Kremer Sr., besides various art accomplishments was the Head Artist for the Soviet Union Pavilion at the New York Worlds Fair which took place in 1939. In addition, in 1936 together with famous poet Joseph Brodsky he took p[art in establishment of Leningrad Branch of the Union of Artists (presently known as the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg).
So not surprisingly that Mark Kremer has become such an original painter irrespective of the socialist realism conformity atmosphere which he lived and worked in.
Mark Kremers paintings are characterized by his remarkable style inspired by Isaak Levitan and Arkady Plastov classical Russian landscape painters. According to the statistics reported by respected art rating agencies (,,, etc.) Mark Kremers works are steadily growing in price. In this view, they may be regarded as not only collectors items or interior object but also as worthwhile investments.
Both private and museum collections almost throughout the world boast Kremers works.

Gallery of author

Porch in Village house
Mark Kremer
Spring forest, sketch
Mark Kremer
Fog, summer sketch
Mark Kremer
Prudik, summer sketch
Mark Kremer
Fiery sunset, sketch
Mark Kremer
Summer day, village sketch
Mark Kremer
By the evening, behind the fence
Mark Kremer
Morning in the woods, sketch
Mark Kremer
Foggy morning, sketch
Mark Kremer
In the park, sketch
Mark Kremer
Fog over our lake
Mark Kremer
Silence above lake
Mark Kremer
Old ladoga, winter
Mark Kremer
Summer warm evening
Mark Kremer
Winter twilight, sketch
Mark Kremer
Frosty morning, sketch
Mark Kremer